Mindfulness-HOP at a glance.

Founded by Carmen Muley and Emmanuel Ngoy Nawej in late 2018, Mindfulness-HOP has its roots in Shanghai, China and was born to bring premium, innovative, high performance athleticwear directly to your doorstep.

Carmen, as an expat living in China, was facing problems to find the right activewear for her online.

She likes to stay active and practices fitness, yoga and HIIT training quite frequently.

She found all the leggings she was buying online were not good quality and were either breaking easily, with terrible seams, too big on the waist, riding down all the time or totally see through.

She wasn't also much luckier when purchasing sports bras online, as they would usually be too tight or too loose for her routines.

She was sick and tired of having all these issues and not being able to truly concentrate and connect with her exercises, so she decided she had to do something about it.

At this point she realised many more women around the world would be facing the same problems as her, and she wanted to be able to help as many women as possible to feel comfy and confident meanwhile they workout. 

That's when she partnered up with Emmanuel, who is also a big enthusiast of mindfulness and living a healthy lifestyle, and together they decided to go on a journey to solve those everyday problems that women face when they buy activewear online.

After spending some time learning about fabrics and technical clothing, they came up with premium and fashionable activewear that adapts perfectly to your personal exercise routine and to your body shape, allowing you to fully enjoy and deeply increase your mind-body connection throughout your 
daily practice.

Just comfort, no stress, no distractions.

At Mindfulness-HOP our vision is to create more than just a place where women can purchase luxury activewear to workout in.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle plays an increasingly important role in more and more women’s lives and is core to an individual’s health and happiness.

At Mindfulness-HOP we love empowering women around the world, and we aim to create a global community where we all can learn, share and discuss how to work towards optimal health and a better body-mind-spirit connection. 

We believe that, through this movement we have the power to change lives.

This core belief guides the way we run our company, how we work with our partners, how we create our products, and how we engage with our consumers. 

Our Mission is to provide you with the activewear of your dreams, ultra comfortable and fashionable, and to motivate you to bring out the best out of yourself.

We want you to improve the quality of the time that you spend connecting with yourself through your favourite physical activity, to increase your comfort and to pursue a better performance and an exceptional state of mind during your "me" time.

It is also important for us to create real relationships with you and understand what you are passionate about, how you like to stay active and help you pursue your fitness and health goals. 

Every day, at Mindfulness-HOP, we come to work to create and sell the most comfortable and trendy products, and to offer the best service and consumer experience – and to do it all in the most sustainable way possible. We exist to create the tools that help women unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.

Top comfort for the best mind-body connection. This is the motto that sparks our fire.



At Mindfulness-HOP, we are relentless about making activewear explicitly to inspire you to stay active and to feel comfy.  Our designs are made for women to wear during any activity that requires movement.

 We now design for yoga, fitness, running, dancing and most other sports. 
 Not to mention, It’s the perfect street brand, comfortable, fashionable, high quality and certainly not just for the gym. 

Focusing on comfort and what’s trending in fashion is how our apparel wears great everywhere. 

At Mindfulness-HOP, luxury meets performance in every collection at an accessible price point.



We don't settle for average. A constant that has never wavered is our desire to empower women to reach their full potential through providing the right tools and resources.

Our core values of spreading healthy movement, creating community, quality, progression, entrepreneurship, wellness and fun connect everyone at Mindfulness-HOP; to the brand, our customers, athletes, and teammates.

Our values are reminding us why we’re here, fueling everything we do.